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The government does not want you to know about this website. Stay sharp, fella.

Brough to you by Anonymous, an Internet rumor since 1959.

we r anoonmas, fear my xbox threats

conspiracy theory no. 1

Is vgcats actually just a front for furry porno?

DUH. This is common knowledge. You came here for vague conspiracy theories, not hard facts.

Destroying democratization, one island at a time.

FLAT EARTH???? Conspiracy Theory No. 2

The government made the entire round Earth thing up. They would totally benefit from that. They do this to prevent citizens from trying to interrupt their plans to create a New World Order, which somehow involves a pancake-shaped Earth. Perhaps the New World Order will feature pancake-themed weaponry... and since the Earth is round- THEY'LL USE THE EARTH AGAINST US! As a freaking weapon!

Pack your bags and hide your kids. Pancake Earth is coming to kill us all.

Proof, you say? You want proof? Fine. I'll give you a bunch of images from the ISS and claim that there's no "curvature" and stuff. What a good usage of my time! It's also very evident that the supporters of the Flat Earth movement: random basketball players, tinfoil hat wearers, scientologists, random musicians, pancake mixers, etc are ALL VERY RELIABLE (tm) sources of information! Forget science. Science is bad, they make stuff like atoms which BOMB cities for no reason! You don't want the Science making Atoms to bomb your city! Think of the children. They'll inhale the science and get itchy skin rashes or whatever stuff happens in poorly written Black Mirror bootlegs.

Experiments for YOU to try that PROVE THE EARTH IS FLAT!

What does the government gain from telling everyone the Earth is round? Nothing! I mean, they like have spaceships and stuff. Somewhere. And they're gonna kill us with them and stuff.